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Fedora is the brand name for global total baby products. Fedora is the number one stroller brand in Korea with advanced safety technology grafted onto baby products in order to meet the customer needs for safety, practicality and economical aspect of the product. 

Fedora has been aiming for global market since 2012 with the most advanced technology and product integrated with self-confidence and responsibility for the brand and craftsmanship.


Brand Introduction

FEDORA is the brand name made with sincerity in mind for baby, the present of God.

Products of FEDORA are made with safety, Stability and Customized Services in mind for babies. FEDORA is making every effort to provide the most stable services for safe use of its branded product

FEDORA takes customer ideas under the concept of “Social Design”, which are polished through FEDORA supporter’s research for application into the design, marketing and manufacturing process of its branded products.

FEDORA listens to customer voices to make the most desired product together.


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